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Saturday, August 16, 2014

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Over time we all accumulate funny, strange and sometimes over the top anecdotes, so I wanted to share one of my best with all of you.

Late last summer I was living in New Jersey and had gone out to Brooklyn with a few friends, we spent a fun night bar hopping and just enjoying each others company before heading back to our friend Dean's* apartment.

Inevitably someone had forgotten to eat dinner and couldn't stomach what he had consumed, needless to say, rendering the apartment unfit for inhabitance. So, while he cleaned up his mess and attempted to air out the apartment, the rest of us went on a walk.

When we returned, a flashily dressed, twig-thin man was arguing with a cabby on the corner of our block. 

"You had me drive you all the way across the bridge, and didn't have the money?"

"Look, I just need to run upstairs into my apartment and get the cash, calm down."

Then it got physical, and the cabby grabbed the man's arm and started yelling in his face that he needed to produce the cash now. Chivalrous as he is, Dean got involved and--though he had never seen this guy before--vouched for the flashy guy as he ran up to his apartment to get some money.

A few minutes later, just as we were all beginning to think that we would have to pool our money to pay off this cabby, the guy swung out of his building's door and thrust the cash into the cabby's hand.

As soon as the yellow Honda CR-V drove off, the man turned to us and huffed, thanking Dean for being so sweet as to garner him a moment to run upstairs for money.

We all smiled politely and waited for the man to run back into his nearby building, but as he was walking away, he turned and said "I have to repay you somehow, come up to my place."

The three of us knew it was a stupid idea, but decided to go anyway, how much harm could this waif of a man do anyway? 

I know, I know, we were dumb..

When we got through the door of his three-story walk up, nothing could have prepared us for the shrines to Pat Benatar, Liza Minelli and Madonna. Although, I guess we all did sort of assume that his apartment would look like this.

He told us about his glamorous career as a stylist and showed off his collection of heels for the "rare" times he did drag. 

The looks exchanged between the three of us spoke volumes of how enthralled, creeped out, amused and skeptical that we all were. 

But once he threw "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on his boombox, yes boombox, and offered us some freebies from his extensive weed collection, we decided it was time to get out.

None of us spoke a word until we got back to Dean's apartment--which thankfully no longer smelled like puke--and then we delved into retelling this tale to our friend that we had left behind. 

None of us ever saw him again, none of us ever spoke of the event again, but it is ingrained in my memory as one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had in New York. 

I hope you enjoyed.

xoxo darlings,

*name has been changed...mostly because his real name didn't look right.

Above & Beyond

Saturday, August 2, 2014

One of my favorite love songs says that "if you don't play, you'll never win." 
Yet in my eyes, there is no way to lose in love.

The problems don't matter in the end, and even if you're bitter in the beginning, at some point you realize that this person's companionship in your life was necessary. That human being taught you lessons that you otherwise never would have been able to learn.

Although they may not have overlooked all of your flaws, if their love was true, they loved you despite those flaws and not with disdain towards them.

When I close my eyes, I can think of special moments with each of the select couple of people that I have truly loved. Those moments may be unhappy or some of the most joyous occasions I've experienced, yet in one way or another, the snippets of time were things that I keep tucked away in my heart and soul to remember if I doubt myself.

One person in particular stole all of the love I had, and burrowed their own love deep within me. I can truly say that they taught me more in our time together than anyone has ever shown me in my life.

What I learned from this person is simple: sometimes you just can't get over someone. 

That's not to say that you won't be with other people, or that you won't move on and love again. It's just that there is that one being that touches your soul in such a way that you are never the same. There is no way to "get over" them, simply because there is no way to be the same person that you were before they entered your universe.

So thank you. Thank you for showing me that I could be better, that I am strong even when I am alone, that no situation is too large for me to handle and that I can love even after all that I have fought through.

Just ... Thank you.

xoxo my darling,


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