Tuesday, September 2, 2014

you are bound to me
by tiny threads
strung from each appendage;
they will not break
for they are diamond strong. 
take the breath from my lips,
twist my fantasies
into a void, an abyss.
laugh when my heart
slams violently in my chest
we are bound forever,
though I want nothing
more than to break free. 
let me go,
even if not by untangling 
my soul from these tethers,
but by giving me slack
on the tightly bound ropes. 
we are both aware that
one cannot exist
without the other,
but even death is
not a great distance,
when your souls are
entwined, bound, fused.
even betrayal, loss of trust
cannot break these
manacles, shackles, handcuffs.
even the sweetest,
most sorrowful goodbye
could not free me.
so again I beg,
if we cannot sever
these painful ties
please, oh please
allow me enough room
to run, to fly, to soar
as I did before I
fell wholly and fully 
into your quicksand,
laced with hooks that would sink
deeply into my flesh,
my heart, and my soul.

xoxo darlings,

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