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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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With my birthday and the closing chapter of another year on the horizon, this past week has been one of major reflection on my maturity and the things that I have learned in the year.

While I'm utterly thankful for the positive situations that have given me wisdom, I have to give equal tribute to those that weren't so nice.

The biggest thing that I've learned is that drama doesn't stop in high school...or, sadly, even college. Drama never stops and oftentimes the people that cause it are the ones that you have the most hope for.

I know that there are some people who have had the utter pleasure of going through life drama free, and I applaud those people for magically keeping themselves out of it.

Unfortunately, one of the only ways to learn from drama is to be involved in it. Because of this, I wish that I knew absolutely nothing about the do probably all people who have been a part of it in any way.

Drama comes in all shapes and forms; sometimes it doesn't really affect you and other times you are thrust into the thick of it. You can cause it yourself or someone else can cause it for you. I have, admittedly, been in the middle of both of those scenarios, but as I've aged it has mostly turned into the latter.

The thing that differentiates the two is that when you create it yourself you can--with a little bit of embarrassment--come clean and fix the situation yourself. The latter, however, is the most difficult to "clean" yourself of, as someone else has tarnished your name in hopes of saving their own ass. 

What drama and its existence has taught me is that when you see the very first sign of a person who causes it, you distance yourself far, far, far away from them and wish them the best. There really isn't anything else that you can do, some people just choose that life for themselves and unless you want more drama it isn't your place to try to stop them.

My own personal goal is to keep my life as drama-free as possible in this upcoming year, and you should too.

xoxo darlings,

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