About Me

My name is Aiyana Sharai.
My mom started calling me Clementine when I was a toddler. 
I have a zillion other nicknames, but this is the one that has stood the test of time.
I was born in Virginia, and do identify as southern.
I am 20 years old, and my birthday is November 9.
I am a sister, daughter, friend and a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse.

I am a writer, without a shadow of a doubt. I love the way that words feel when they pour out of my brain onto paper--or onto a computer screen--because it's like I'm bleeding ideas out into the world.

Love has always fascinated me and though it's difficult to admit, I am always seeking it. I also give it far too easily.

I love poetry, hot tea, thick-rimmed glasses, southern hospitality and vibrant personalities.
I hate to admit that I love e-books because I can pretend that I don't have an addiction to reading.
I have tried blogging a million times, and have always failed; I swear that this time I will stick to it.
All thought and opinions represented on this page are mine.

This is where I can be me.
The Darling Clementine.

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